About Villa and Location

The villa belongs to the Don Abraham Seneviratne family in the Hikkaduwa town is about 200 years old, and situates at 100 meters distance from the sea.

In the year 2004 December 26 Tsumami hit the villa and damaged the furniture and distroyed house hold equipment . The wave was about 7ft in height in side the villa, and the level of the wave is preserved and still visible in side the house.

Some of the doors, windows  and the furniture are reconstructed to maintain the old structure looks original.

The Villa located very close to the Hikkaduwa railway station and only at 200 meters distance from the Bus stand. The busy beach with star hotels are on the south of the Villa at 300 meters distance. But The Villa preserves the peaceful, calm and traditional environment.


Certified by Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Postal Address

Kurunduwatta Villa
Sri Lanka


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