Environment and the Culture

Villa belongs to Sinhalese Buddhist vegetarian family with traditional values. Seneviratne family owns about 8 acres of land which cultivates Paddy, Coconuts, Banana and vegetables. The crops made to grow without insecticides and pesticides.

The natural environment consist with birds, reptile, and amphibians with a pond to preserve the indigenous fish spices. We are treating the tourists with much hospitality and respect. We want to promote vegetarianism and introduce the Buddhist values. Also looking forward to learn the other cultural values like traditional dishes and cooking.

Anyone who stays at Kurunduwatta villa will feel as a family member. The natural environment and the paddy fields which destroyed by the Tsunami and contaminated salinity is now slowly recovering to the natural conditions.


Certified by Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Postal Address

Kurunduwatta Villa
Sri Lanka


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